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A type that describes a specialization of the template class basic_string with elements of type wchar_t.

Other typedefs that specialize basic_string include string, u16string, and u32string.

typedef basic_string<wchar_t, char_traits<wchar_t>, allocator<wchar_t>> wstring;

The following are equivalent declarations:

    wstring wstr(L"");

    basic_string<wchar_t> wstr(L"");

For a list of string constructors, see basic_string::basic_string.


The size of wchar_t is implementation-defined. If your code depends on wchar_t to be a certain size, check your platform's implementation (for example, with sizeof(wchar_t)). If you need a string character type with a width that is guaranteed to remain the same on all platforms, use string, u16string, or u32string.

Header: <string>

Namespace: std

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