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Windows.System.UserProfile namespace

Enables apps get information about users, set globalization preferences, and control the lock screen image.


The Windows.System.UserProfile namespace has these types of members:


AdvertisingManager Provides a property that lets the caller retrieve the advertising ID, which is an ID used to provide more relevant advertising by understanding which apps are used by the user and how they are used, and to improve quality of service by determining the frequency and effectiveness of ads and to detect fraud and security issues.
FirstSignInSettings Represents a collection of settings that a user can opt-in to during the first run experience.
GlobalizationPreferences A static class for holding various user globalization preferences.
LockScreen Provides properties and methods to manage the full-screen image used as the lock screen background.
UserInformation Represents information about the user, such as name and account picture.
UserProfilePersonalizationSettings Provides properties and methods to manage the user's desktop wallpaper and lock screen background image.



The Windows.System.UserProfile namespace has these enumerations.

AccountPictureKind Allows you to request a specific image type when using GetAccountPicture.
SetAccountPictureResult A result that is returned when you try to set the image for a user account.
SetImageFeedResult Specifies the result of a call to LockScreen.RequestSetImageFeedAsync




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