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Windows.Phone.Media.Capture namespace

Provides classes for audio, video, and photo capture.


The Windows.Phone.Media.Capture namespace has these types of members:


AudioVideoCaptureDevice Captures audio and video.
CameraCaptureFrame Represents a photo in a capture sequence.
CameraCapturePropertyRange Specifies the range of property values that are supported on the phone.
CameraCaptureSequence A unit of work for capturing frames.
CaptureFailedEventArgs Provides an error code when a capture fails.
FrameAcquiredEventArgs Identifies the frame that has been captured in the FrameAcquired event.
KnownCameraAudioVideoProperties Used to get and set video capture settings.
KnownCameraGeneralProperties Used to get or set general camera settings.
KnownCameraPhotoProperties Used to get or set photo capture settings.
MediaCapturePreviewSink Represents a video sink for preview video from the device's camera.
PhotoCaptureDevice Captures photos.
VendorSpecificDataEventArgs Provides data for the vendor-specific events.



The Windows.Phone.Media.Capture namespace has these enumerations.

AutoFocusParameters Indicates if the autofocus, auto exposure, or auto white balance operations will pause.
AutoFocusRange Indicates the camera autofocus range.
CameraCaptureAudioFormat Indicates the format for the audio data.
CameraCaptureVideoFormat Indicates the format for video data.
CameraFocusStatus Indicates whether the camera has clearly focused on something.
CameraSceneMode Indicates the scene or conditions that the camera optimizes for when capturing a photo.
CameraSensorLocation Indicates the location of the camera on the phone (front or back).
FlashState Indicates how a flash is used to capture a photo.
FocusIlluminationMode Indicates how the flash is used to focus.
H264EncoderLevel Indicates the encoding requirements for an H264 profile.
H264EncoderProfile Indicates the profile that is used for H264 video encoding.
VideoTorchMode Indicates whether the torch is on during video capture.
WhiteBalancePreset Indicates the scene or conditions that the camera optimizes for when selecting the color temperature.



The Windows.Phone.Media.Capture namespace defines these interfaces.

ICameraCaptureDevice Represents a camera.
IMediaCapturePreviewSink The interface representing a video sink for preview video from the device's camera.



Minimum supported client

None supported

Minimum supported server

None supported

Minimum supported phone

Windows Phone 8


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