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Windows.Devices.SmartCards namespace

Gets info about smart card readers and smart cards; configures physical smart cards; and creates, configures, and deletes Trusted Platform Module (TPM) virtual smart cards.


The Windows.Devices.SmartCards namespace has these types of members:


CardAddedEventArgs Provides data for the CardAdded event.
CardRemovedEventArgs Provides data for the CardRemoved event.
SmartCard Represents info about a smart card.
SmartCardAppletIdGroup Defines a collection of smart card applet IDs.
SmartCardAppletIdGroupRegistration Represents a registered group of applet IDs.
SmartCardAutomaticResponseApdu Represents the smart card automatic response Application Protocol Data Unit (APDU).
SmartCardChallengeContext Represents a smart card authentication challenge/response operation.
SmartCardConnection Represents a connection to a smart card.
SmartCardCryptogramGenerator Represents the mechanism for providing hardware supported for secure payment applications and protocols.
SmartCardCryptogramMaterialPossessionProof Contains the result of calling TryProvePossessionOfCryptogramMaterialPackageAsync with a challenge token to prove that the device possesses the identified cryptogram material.
SmartCardCryptogramPlacementStep Contains instructions for placing a cryptogram in an outgoing message.
SmartCardCryptogramStorageKeyInfo Contains information about the storage key so that apps can register and certify the key information with their service.
SmartCardEmulator Represents a smart card emulator device.
SmartCardEmulatorApduReceivedEventArgs Provides data for the ApduReceived event.
SmartCardEmulatorConnectionDeactivatedEventArgs Provides data for the ConnectionDeactivated event.
SmartCardEmulatorConnectionProperties Provides information about a smart card emulator connection to an NFC reader.
SmartCardPinPolicy Represents a set of personal identification number (PIN) rules on a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) virtual smart card.
SmartCardPinResetDeferral Represents a wait time for a requested smart card personal identification number (PIN) reset.
SmartCardPinResetRequest Represents a smart card personal identification number (PIN) reset request.
SmartCardProvisioning Represents info about, and operations for, configuring smart cards.
SmartCardReader Represents info about a smart card reader.
SmartCardTriggerDetails Provides details about a smart card trigger.



The Windows.Devices.SmartCards namespace has these delegates.

SmartCardPinResetHandler Represents a method that handles a smart card personal identification number (PIN) reset.



The Windows.Devices.SmartCards namespace has these enumerations.

SmartCardActivationPolicyChangeResult Defines the return values for the RequestActivationPolicyChangeAsync method.
SmartCardAppletIdGroupActivationPolicy Defines the valid values that can be passed to the RequestActivationPolicyChangeAsync method.
SmartCardAutomaticResponseStatus Defines the status of the smart card readers automatic response.
SmartCardCryptogramAlgorithm Defines the cryptogram generation algorithm for a cryptogram placement step.
SmartCardCryptogramGeneratorOperationStatus Defines the statuses for cryptogram generator methods.
SmartCardCryptogramMaterialPackageConfirmationResponseFormat Defines the format of the proof of possession returned when calling the TryProvePossessionOfCryptogramMaterialPackageAsync method.
SmartCardCryptogramMaterialPackageFormat Defines the cryptogram material package format.
SmartCardCryptogramMaterialType Defines the cryptogram material type.
SmartCardCryptogramPlacementOptions Defines cryptogram placement options.
SmartCardCryptogramStorageKeyAlgorithm Defines cryptogram storage key algorithms.
SmartCardCryptogramStorageKeyCapabilities Defines cryptogram storage key capabilities.
SmartCardCryptographicKeyAttestationStatus Defines the attestation status of a key.
SmartCardEmulationCategory Defines the valid categories of smart cards that can be emulated.
SmartCardEmulationType Defines the mechanism by which the device emulates a smart card.
SmartCardEmulatorConnectionDeactivatedReason Defines the reasons a smart card connection to an NFC reader could become deactivated.
SmartCardEmulatorConnectionSource Defines the valid types of smart card connection sources.
SmartCardEmulatorEnablementPolicy Represents the current card emulation policy set by the user in the phone settings.
SmartCardLaunchBehavior Specifies how a smart card app should be launched.
SmartCardPinCharacterPolicyOption Specifies the rules for characters in a smart card personal identification number (PIN).
SmartCardReaderKind Represents the smart card reader's type.
SmartCardReaderStatus Specifies the smart card reader's status.
SmartCardStatus Specifies the smart card's status.
SmartCardTriggerType Represents the valid smart card trigger types.
SmartCardUnlockPromptingBehavior Defines the unlock prompting behavior.


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