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IWMSStreamSwitchDescriptionList Object (C#)

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IWMSStreamSwitchDescriptionList Object (C#)

The IWMSStreamSwitchDescriptionList object provides methods that control which streams are sent down a data path.

  • Note   This object is available only on Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition; Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition; and Windows Server 2008.

The IWMSStreamSwitchDescriptionList object exposes the following properties and methods.

Method Description
AppendDescription Appends a new stream switch description to the collection.
ChangeIndexedDescription Changes the description for a specified stream.
GetDescriptionCount Retrieves the number of streams described in this list.
GetIndexedDescription Retrieves the description for a specified stream.
RemoveAllDescriptions Removes all the stream descriptions from the list.
RemoveIndexedDescription Removes the description for a specified stream.


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