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IWMSContentDescriptionList Object (C#)

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IWMSContentDescriptionList Object (C#)

The IWMSContentDescriptionList object provides methods for managing a list of IWMSContext objects that contain content description contexts. You can use this object to provide content information for each item in a playlist. If you are not working with playlists, use the IWMSContext object to retrieve and specify context values.

  • Note   This object is available only on Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition; Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition; and Windows Server 2008.

The IWMSContentDescriptionList object exposes the following properties and methods.

Method Description
AppendDescription Adds to the description list an IWMSContext object containing a content description context.
GetBroadcastid Reserved for internal use.
GetDescriptionCount Retrieves the number of content description contexts in the description list.
GetDescriptionInLanguage Retrieves the content description context for a specific language.
GetIndexedDescription Retrieves a specific content description context from the description list by index.
GetPlaylistGenid Reserved for internal use.
RemoveAllDescriptions Removes all content description contexts from the description list.
RemoveValueFromAllDescriptions Removes a specific property from all the content description contexts in the description list.
SetBroadcastid Reserved for internal use.
SetPlaylistGenid Reserved for internal use.
SetValueOnAllDescriptions Specifies the value of a specific property in all the content description contexts in the description list.


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