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Cache Content Information Context

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Cache Content Information Context

A cache content information context contains information about a cache. The following table identifies the context values defined by Windows Media Services.

Name Value
(data type)
Key Description
WMS_CACHE_CONTENT_INFORMATION_CONTENT_DESCRIPTION_LISTS DWORD 4 Contains a pointer to a an IWMSContext object that contains a content description list for media items stored in a cache. For more information, see Downloading Content.
WMS_CACHE_CONTENT_INFORMATION_CONTENT_TYPE long 1 Contains flags defined by the WMS_CACHE_CONTENT_TYPE_FLAGS enumeration type that describe the type of content.
WMS_CACHE_CONTENT_INFORMATION_DATA_CONTAINER_VERSION IUnknown* 3 Contains an IUnknown pointer that you can use to retrieve a pointer to an IWMSDataContainerVersion interface. You can call the GetAndQueryIUnknownValue method on the IWMSContext interface to retrieve a pointer to IWMSDataContainerVersion.
WMS_CACHE_CONTENT_INFORMATION_EVENT_SUBSCRIPTIONS long 2 Contains flags defined by the WMS_CACHE_REMOTE_EVENT_FLAGS enumeration type that describe the remote cache events requested by the origin server.

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