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Media Foundation Structures

AecQualityMetrics_Struct Contains quality metrics for acoustic echo cancellation (AEC).
ASF_FLAT_PICTURE Contains an image that is stored as metadata for a media source.
ASF_FLAT_SYNCHRONISED_LYRICS Contains synchronized lyrics stored as metadata for a media source.
ASF_INDEX_DESCRIPTOR Describes the indexing configuration for a stream and type of index.
ASF_INDEX_IDENTIFIER Defines a discrete index for the ASF indexer object.
ASF_MUX_STATISTICS Contains statistics about the progress of the ASF multiplexer.
DXVA2_AES_CTR_IV Contains an initialization vector (IV) for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.
DXVA2_AYUVSample16 Defines a 16-bit AYUV pixel value.
DXVA2_AYUVSample8 Defines an 8-bit AYUV pixel value.
DXVA2_ConfigPictureDecode Describes the configuration of a DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) decoder device.
DXVA2_DecodeBufferDesc Describes a buffer sent from a decoder to a DXVA device.
DXVA2_DecodeExecuteParams Contains parameters for the IDirectXVideoDecoder::Execute method.
DXVA2_DecodeExtensionData Contains private data for the IDirectXVideoDecoder::Execute method.
DXVA2_ExtendedFormat Describes the format of a video stream.
DXVA2_FilterValues Contains parameters for a DXVA image filter.
DXVA2_Fixed32 Defines a 32-bit fixed-point number.
DXVA2_Frequency Defines a video frequency.
DXVA2_ProcAmpValues Contains values for DXVA video processing operations.
DXVA2_ValueRange Defines the range of supported values for a DXVA operation.
DXVA2_VideoDesc Describes a video stream for a DXVA decoder device or video processor device.
DXVA2_VideoProcessBltParams Contains parameters for the IDirectXVideoProcessor::VideoProcessBlt method.
DXVA2_VideoProcessorCaps Describes the capabilities of a DVXA video processor mode.
DXVA2_VideoSample Specifies an input sample for the IDirectXVideoProcessor::VideoProcessBlt method.
DXVAHD_BLT_STATE_ALPHA_FILL_DATA Specifies how the output alpha values are calculated for Microsoft DirectX Video Acceleration High Definition (DXVA-HD) blit operations.
DXVAHD_BLT_STATE_BACKGROUND_COLOR_DATA Specifies the background color for DXVA-HD blit operations.
DXVAHD_BLT_STATE_CONSTRICTION_DATA Specifies whether the output is downsampled in a DXVA-HD blit operation.
DXVAHD_BLT_STATE_OUTPUT_COLOR_SPACE_DATA Specifies the output color space for DXVA-HD blit operations.
DXVAHD_BLT_STATE_PRIVATE_DATA Contains data for a private DXVA-HD blit state.
DXVAHD_BLT_STATE_TARGET_RECT_DATA Specifies the target rectangle for DXVA-HD blitting.
DXVAHD_COLOR_RGBA Specifies an RGB color value.
DXVAHD_COLOR_YCbCrA Specifies a YCbCr color value.
DXVAHD_CONTENT_DESC Describes a video stream for a DXVA-HD video processor.
DXVAHD_CUSTOM_RATE_DATA Specifies a custom rate for frame-rate conversion or inverse telecine (IVTC).
DXVAHD_FILTER_RANGE_DATA Defines the range of supported values for an image filter.
DXVAHD_RATIONAL Contains a rational number (ratio).
DXVAHD_STREAM_DATA Contains per-stream data for the IDXVAHD_VideoProcessor::VideoProcessBltHD method.
DXVAHD_STREAM_STATE_ALPHA_DATA Specifies the planar alpha value for a DXVA-HD input stream.
DXVAHD_STREAM_STATE_ASPECT_RATIO_DATA Specifies the pixel aspect ratio (PAR) for the source and destination rectangles.
DXVAHD_STREAM_STATE_D3DFORMAT_DATA Specifies the format for a DXVA-HD input stream.
DXVAHD_STREAM_STATE_DESTINATION_RECT_DATA Specifies the destination rectangle for a DXVA-HD input stream.
DXVAHD_STREAM_STATE_FILTER_DATA Specifies the level for a filtering operation on a DXVA-HD input stream.
DXVAHD_STREAM_STATE_FRAME_FORMAT_DATA Specifies how a DXVA-HD input stream is interlaced.
DXVAHD_STREAM_STATE_INPUT_COLOR_SPACE_DATA Specifies the color space for a DXVA-HD input stream.
DXVAHD_STREAM_STATE_LUMA_KEY_DATA Specifies the luma key for a DXVA-HD input stream.
DXVAHD_STREAM_STATE_OUTPUT_RATE_DATA Specifies the output frame rate for a DXVA-HD input stream.
DXVAHD_STREAM_STATE_PALETTE_DATA Contains the color palette entries for a DXVA-HD input stream.
DXVAHD_STREAM_STATE_PRIVATE_DATA Contains data for a private stream state, for a DXVA-HD input stream.
DXVAHD_STREAM_STATE_SOURCE_RECT_DATA Specifies the source rectangle for a DXVA-HD input stream.
DXVAHD_VPCAPS Specifies the capabilities of the DXVA-HD video processor.
DXVAHD_VPDEVCAPS Specifies the capabilities of a DXVA-HD device.
DXVAHDSW_CALLBACKS Contains pointers to functions implemented by a software plug-in for DXVA-HD.
MF_FLOAT2 A vector with two components.
MF_FLOAT3 A vector with three components.
MF_QUATERNION A four dimensional vector, used to represent a rotation.
MF_LEAKY_BUCKET_PAIR Specifies the buffering requirements of a file.
MF_SINK_WRITER_STATISTICS Contains statistics about the performance of the sink writer.
MF_TRANSCODE_SINK_INFO Stores information about the audio and video streams that the built-in media sink uses to generate the output file.
MFARGB Describes an ARGB color value.
MFASYNCRESULT Contains data that is needed to implement the IMFAsyncResult interface.
MFAYUVSample Describes a 4:4:4:4 Y'Cb'Cr' sample.
MFBYTESTREAM_BUFFERING_PARAMS Specifies the buffering parameters for a network byte stream.
MFCameraExtrinsic_CalibratedTransform A transform describing the location of a camera relative to other cameras or an established external reference.
MFCameraExtrinsics Describes the location of a camera relative to other cameras or an established external reference.
MFCameraIntrinsic_PinholeCameraModel Represents a pinhole camera model.
MFCameraIntrinsic_DistortionModel Represents a polynomial lens distortion model.
MFCLOCK_PROPERTIES Defines the properties of a clock.
MFFOLDDOWN_MATRIX Contains coefficients used to transform multichannel audio into a smaller number of audio channels.
MFINPUTTRUSTAUTHORITY_ACCESS_ACTION Describes an action requested by an output trust authority (OTA).
MFINPUTTRUSTAUTHORITY_ACCESS_PARAMS Contains parameters for the IMFInputTrustAuthority::BindAccess or IMFInputTrustAuthority::UpdateAccess method.
MFMPEG2DLNASINKSTATS Contains encoding statistics from the DLNA media sink.
MFNetCredentialManagerGetParam Contains the authentication information for the credential manager.
MFOffset Specifies an offset as a fixed-point real number.
MFRatio Represents a ratio.
MFRR_COMPONENT_HASH_INFO Contains information about a revoked component.
MFP_ERROR_EVENT Deprecated. Event structure for the MFP_EVENT_TYPE_ERROR event.
MFP_EVENT_HEADER Deprecated. Contains information that is common to every type of MFPlay event.
MFP_FRAME_STEP_EVENT Deprecated. Event structure for the MFP_EVENT_TYPE_FRAME_STEP event.
MFP_MEDIAITEM_CLEARED_EVENT Deprecated. Not documented in this release.
MFP_MEDIAITEM_SET_EVENT Deprecated. Event structure for the MFP_EVENT_TYPE_MEDIAITEM_SET event.
MFP_MF_EVENT Deprecated. Event structure for the MFP_EVENT_TYPE_MF event.
MFP_PAUSE_EVENT Deprecated. Event structure for the MFP_EVENT_TYPE_PAUSE event.
MFP_PLAY_EVENT Deprecated. Event structure for the MFP_EVENT_TYPE_PLAY event.
MFP_PLAYBACK_ENDED_EVENT Deprecated. Event structure for the MFP_EVENT_TYPE_PLAYBACK_ENDED event.
MFP_POSITION_SET_EVENT Deprecated. Event structure for the MFP_EVENT_TYPE_POSITION_SET event.
MFP_RATE_SET_EVENT Deprecated. Event structure for the MFP_EVENT_TYPE_RATE_SET event.
MFP_STOP_EVENT Deprecated. Event structure for the MFP_EVENT_TYPE_STOP event.
MFPinholeCameraIntrinsic_IntrinsicModel Represents a pinhole camera intrinsic model for a specified resolution.
MFPinholeCameraIntrinsics Contains zero or 1 pinhole camera intrinsic models that describe how to project a 3D point in physical world onto the 2D image frame of a camera.
MFRR_COMPONENTS Contains information about one or more revoked components.
MFT_INPUT_STREAM_INFO Contains information about an input stream on a Media Foundation transform (MFT).
MFT_OUTPUT_DATA_BUFFER Contains information about an output buffer for an MFT.
MFT_OUTPUT_STREAM_INFO Contains information about an output stream on an MFT.
MFT_REGISTER_TYPE_INFO Contains media type information for registering an MFT.
MFT_REGISTRATION_INFO Contains parameters for the IMFLocalMFTRegistration::RegisterMFTs method.
MFTOPONODE_ATTRIBUTE_UPDATE Specifies a new attribute value for a topology node.
MFVideoAlphaBitmap Specifies a bitmap for the EVR to alpha-blend with the video.
MFVideoAlphaBitmapParams Specifies how the EVR alpha-blends a bitmap with the video.
MFVideoArea Specifies a rectangular area within a video frame.
MFVideoCompressedInfo Contains information about a video compression format.
MFVIDEOFORMAT Describes a video format.
MFVideoInfo Contains video format information that applies to both compressed and uncompressed formats.
MFVideoNormalizedRect Defines a normalized rectangle, which is used to specify sub-rectangles in a video rectangle.
MFVideoSurfaceInfo Contains information about an uncompressed video format.
MT_ARBITRARY_HEADER Contains format data for a binary stream in an Advanced Systems Format (ASF) file.
MT_CUSTOM_VIDEO_PRIMARIES Defines custom color primaries for a video source.
OPM_ACTUAL_OUTPUT_FORMAT Contains the result of an OPM_GET_ACTUAL_OUTPUT_FORMAT query in Output Protection Manager (OPM).
OPM_CONFIGURE_PARAMETERS Contains an OPM or Certified Output Protection Manager (COPP) command.
OPM_COPP_COMPATIBLE_GET_INFO_PARAMETERS Contains parameters for the IOPMVideoOutput::COPPCompatibleGetInformation method.
OPM_ENCRYPTED_INITIALIZATION_PARAMETERS Contains initialization parameters for an OPM session.
OPM_GET_CODEC_INFO_INFORMATION Contains the result from an OPM_GET_CODEC_INFO query.
OPM_GET_CODEC_INFO_PARAMETERS Contains information for the OPM_GET_CODEC_INFO command.
OPM_GET_INFO_PARAMETERS Contains parameters for the IOPMVideoOutput::GetInformation method.
OPM_HDCP_KEY_SELECTION_VECTOR Contains the key selection vector (KSV) for a High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) receiver.
OPM_OMAC Contains a Message Authentication Code (MAC) for an OPM message.
OPM_OUTPUT_ID_DATA Contains the result from an OPM_GET_OUTPUT_ID status request.
OPM_RANDOM_NUMBER Contains a 128-bit random number for use with OPM.
OPM_REQUESTED_INFORMATION Contains the result of an OPM status request.
OPM_SET_HDCP_SRM_PARAMETERS Contains parameters for the OPM_SET_HDCP_SRM command.
OPM_STANDARD_INFORMATION Contains the result from an OPM status request.
STREAM_MEDIUM Not for application use.


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