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TextElementCollection<TextElementType>.CopyTo Method (TextElementType[], Int32)


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Copies the contents of the collection and inserts them into a specified array starting at a specified index position in the array.

Namespace:   System.Windows.Documents
Assembly:  PresentationFramework (in PresentationFramework.dll)

public void CopyTo(
	TextElementType[] array,
	int arrayIndex


Type: TextElementType[]

A one-dimensional array to which the collection contents will be copied. This array must use zero-based indexing.

Type: System.Int32

A zero-based index in array specifying the position at which to begin inserting the copied collection objects.

Exception Condition

Raised when array includes items that are not compatible with the type TextElement, or if arrayIndex specifies a position that falls outside of the bounds of array.


Raised when array is null.


Raised when arrayIndex is less than 0.

.NET Framework
Available since 3.0
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