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DependencyObject Hierarchy

The following table lists the classes derived from System.Windows.DependencyObject .

Class Description
System.Windows.ContentElement Provides a WPF core-level base class for content elements. Content elements are designed for flow-style presentation, using an intuitive markup-oriented layout model and a deliberately simple object model.
System.Windows.Controls.GridViewColumn Represents a column that displays data.
System.Windows.Controls.TextSearch Enables a user to quickly access items in a set by typing prefixes of strings.
System.Windows.Controls.ViewBase Represents the base class for views that define the appearance of data in a ListView control.
System.Windows.Data.CollectionContainer Holds an existing collection structure, such as an ObservableCollection or a DataSet, to be used inside a CompositeCollection.
System.Windows.Data.CollectionViewSource Represents the Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) proxy of the CollectionView class.
System.Windows.Freezable Defines an object that has a modifiable and a read-only (frozen) state. Classes that derive from Freezable provide detailed change notification, can be made immutable, and can clone themselves.
System.Windows.Ink.GestureRecognizer Recognizes ink gestures.
System.Windows.Input.InputBinding Represents a binding between an InputGesture to an ICommand, such as a RoutedCommand.
System.Windows.Media.Media3D.Visual3D Base class for all types derived from the Visual3D class. It provides services and properties common to visual objects, including hit-testing, coordinate transformation, and bounding box calculations.
System.Windows.Media.Visual Provides rendering support in WPF, which includes hit testing, coordinate transformation, and bounding box calculations.
System.Windows.Navigation.JournalEntry Represents an entry in either back or forward navigation history.
System.Windows.TriggerAction Describes an action to perform for a trigger.
System.Windows.TriggerBase Represents the base class for specifying a conditional value within a Style object.
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