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insertCell method

Creates a new cell in the table row (tr), and adds the cell to the cells collection.

Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 HTML Specification, Section 1.6.5



var retval = tr.insertCell(index);


index [in, optional]

Type: Integer

Integer that specifies where to insert the cell in the tr. The default value is -1, which appends the new cell to the end of the cells collection.

Return value

Type: Object

Returns the td element object if successful, or null otherwise.

Standards information


The preferred technique for inserting a cell is to add the cell at the end of the cells collection. It is faster to add a cell at the end of a row than somewhere in the middle. To add a cell at the end of the collection, specify the -1 value, or the length of the cells collection minus 1.


This example uses the insertCell method to add a cell to the end of the tr.

myNewCell = document.all.myTable.rows[0].insertCell() 

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