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cols attribute | cols property

Sets or retrieves the frame widths of the object.

This property is not supported for Windows apps using JavaScript.


HTML<element cols="size" ... >

size = object.cols


Property values

Type: Integer


Integer that specifies the frame width, in pixels.


Integer, followed by a percent sign (%). The value is a percentage of total available width.


Integer that specifies the frame width as a relative value. After allocating pixel or percentage values, the remaining space is divided among all relative-sized frames.


The number of comma-separated items is equal to the number of frames contained within the frameSet, while the value of each item determines the frame width.


This example defines a two-column frame, with the first occupying 40 percent of the available width and the second occupying the remaining 60 percent.

<frameset cols="40%, 60%">

This example defines a four-column frame. The first is 50 pixels wide, and the fourth is 80 pixels wide. The second occupies two-thirds of the remaining width, while the third occupies the final third of the remaining width.

<frameset cols="50, 2*, *, 80">

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