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MediaLibrary Members

The following tables list the members exposed by the MediaLibrary type.

Public MethodMediaLibraryOverloaded. Initializes a new instance of this class.

Public PropertyAlbumsGets the AlbumCollection that contains all albums in the media library.
Public PropertyArtistsGets the ArtistCollection that contains all artists in the media library.
Public PropertyGenresGets the GenreCollection that contains all genres in the media library.
Public PropertyIsDisposedGets a value indicating whether the object is disposed.
Public PropertyMediaSourceGets the MediaSource with which this media library was constructed.
Public PropertyPicturesGets the PictureCollection that contains all pictures in the media library.
Public PropertyPlaylistsGets the PlaylistCollection that contains all playlists in the media library.
Public PropertyRootPictureAlbumGets the root PictureAlbum for all pictures in the media library.
Public PropertySavedPicturesReturns the collection of all saved pictures in the device's media library.
Public PropertySongsGets the SongCollection that contains all songs in the media library.

Public MethodDisposeReleases the resources used by the MediaLibrary.
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Public MethodGetPictureFromTokenRetrieves a picture from the device's media library based on a picture token.
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Public MethodSavePictureOverloaded. Saves the image to the media library.
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