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XMHALF2 structure

A 2D vector consisting of two half-precision (16bit) floating-point values.

For a list of additional functionality such as constructors and operators that are available using XMHALF2 when you are programming in C++, see XMHALF2 Extensions.

Note   See DirectXMath Library Type Equivalences for information about equivalent D3DDECLTYPE, D3DFORMAT, and DXGI_FORMAT objects.


struct XMHALF2 {
  HALF x;
  HALF y;



HALF value describing the x-coordinate.


HALF value describing the y-coordinate.


The definition of the HALF type used under DirectXMath is consistent with the IEEE standard, and consists of a sign bit, a 5 bit biased exponent, and a 10 bit mantissa:

                    [15] SEEEEEMMMMMMMMMM [0]

XMHALF2 can be loaded into instances of XMVECTOR by using XMLoadHalf2.

Instances of XMVECTOR can be stored into an instance of XMHALF2 with XMStoreHalf2.

Namespace: Use DirectX::PackedVector

Platform Requirements

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 with the Windows SDK for Windows 8. Supported for Win32 desktop apps, Windows Store apps, and Windows Phone 8 apps.




See also

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