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Updating your Windows Store app

You can boost the revenue, market share, and customer satisfaction of your Windows Store app by continuing to improve it based on data about each version that you release. By analyzing download rates, ratings, and other metrics such as customer reviews, you can pinpoint which improvements will help your app the most, update and resubmit it, and then track the results.

For more information about the data that you might want to analyze, see Releasing improved versions.

To release an updated app to the Store, you follow steps that are very similar to those that you took to release the first version of your app.

  1. On the menu bar in Visual Studio, choose Store, Create app packages.

    The Create App Packages wizard appears.

  2. On the Create your packages page, choose the Yes option button, and then sign in to your Microsoft account.

  3. On the Select an app name page, select the Include app names that already have packages check box.

  4. In the list of published apps, choose the name of your app.

  5. On the Select and Configure packages page, update one or more of the first three fields of the version number.

    When you created the app package for your first version, you gave the app a version number in four parts. Each time that you create an app package, the last field in the number gets incremented automatically, but you can decide which of the other three fields to manually increment and by how much. Typically, you increment at least the minor version number for each update.

  6. Ensure that the Include public symbol files, if any, to enable crash analysis for the app check box is selected.

    See Select and configure app packages.

  7. (Optional) Update any other properties on the page.

  8. Choose the Create button.

  9. On the Package Created Completion page, choose the Launch Windows App Certification Kit button, and then fix any errors that the certification tests report.

    Note Note

    You can validate your app against your local device or a remote device. See Validate app package.

  10. Submit your app to the Store.

    See Submitting an app update.

  11. (Optional) Turn on telemetry collection.

    See Collecting telemetry data from your apps.

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