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This topic applies to the earlier Windows Phone Dev Center dashboard and not the new unified Dev Center dashboard. Since we are still in the process of migrating all developer accounts, the info here may not apply if your account has already been migrated to the new dashboard. For more info, see Using the unified Dev Center dashboard.

Use this table of Windows Phone Store categories to help define your app’s identity.




books + reference

This top-level category includes ereaders, fiction, non-fiction, and reference.


Electronic book readers.


Fiction book titles.


Non-fiction book titles.


Reference aids such as encyclopedias.


This top-level category consists of business apps that address inventory, CRM, documentation, data collection, field services, finance, accounting, manufacturing, and real estate.


This top-level category consists of educational apps and learning tools, as well as apps for educational institutions. Examples include test prep apps, learning flash cards, and university apps.


This top-level category consists of novelty apps designed for fun and enjoyment.

personal finance

This top-level category includes apps that address personal finance. Examples include mortgage calculators and online banking. Apps that focus on enterprise or small businesses are in the business top-level category.


This top-level category for mobile video games is divided into multiple subcategories.

action + adventure

Action and adventure titles including side-scrollers, first-person shooters, fighting, and others.

card + board

Poker, blackjack, roulette, and all other card and casino games.


Popular board games and classic arcade titles.


Educational and learning development games.


Kid- and family-oriented titles.


Music and dance titles.


Games that require the player to jump to and from suspended platforms or over obstacles.

puzzle + trivia

Puzzles, crosswords, trivia, and other related brain games.

racing + flying

Vehicle racing and flight-simulation games.

role playing

Role playing, MMORPG, and simulation games.


First-person shooter games.

sports + recreation

Sports and recreational activities.

strategy + simulation

Strategy, simulation, and role-playing games (RPGs).

xbox companion

A non-game application that enhances your experience of Xbox games.

government + politics

This top-level category consists of apps that address civic organizations and activities. Examples of apps include apps for city and national/regional government, courts, and voting.


Political and government commentary.

legal issues

Apps that help users with legal matters.


Apps that pertain to political issues such as voting and elections, government referendums and policies, and miscellaneous political events and discussions.

government resources

Apps that help users perform civic activities, such as reporting potholes or graffiti, or contacting government organizations for useful information.

health + fitness

This top-level category is divided into three subcategories: diet + nutrition, fitness, and health.

diet + nutrition

Apps that help users achieve and maintain diet and nutrition goals. Examples include calorie counters, diet monitors, and food nutrition guides.


Apps that help users achieve and maintain fitness goals. Examples include personal trainers, fitness counters, and physical activity monitors such as pedometers.


Apps about health and medicine. Examples include apps that measure stress or monitor health conditions.

kids + family

This top-level category consists of apps for children and families. Examples include children's television programming apps or toddler entertainment apps.


This top-level category is for lifestyle activities.

art + entertainment

Apps that pertain to the fine arts. Examples include apps for museums, ballet, symphony, and art.


Apps related to cars and automobiles. Examples include apps for automotive maintenance scheduling, fuel economy, automotive repairs, and auto shopping.


Apps that focus on community activities. Examples include apps for community fundraisers, local bulletin boards, and religious apps.

food + dining

Apps related to food and dining. Examples include apps for finding restaurants, cooking, and mixing beverages. This category doesn’t include diet + nutrition apps; for those, look in the health + fitness category.

out + about

Apps that help users to find leisure and entertainment activities. Examples include apps for movie times, concert tickets, museums, and art exhibits.


Apps that help users with shopping, both online and in-store. Examples include apps for shopping lists, online purchasing, finding coupons, and performing price comparisons.

style + fashion

Apps related to style and fashion. Examples include apps for clothing, cosmetics, and contemporary fashion.

music + video

This top-level category consists of apps associated with music, sound, and video. Examples include apps that allow users to stream music, tune a guitar, create a short movie, or set their movie rental queue or home DVR.

news + weather

This top-level category consists of news and weather apps. Examples include apps that provide top news stories, entertainment news, and weather forecasts.


Apps that cover international news and weather. Examples include apps for world or global news, events, and weather.

local + national

Apps that cover local and national or regional news and weather. Examples include apps for local television station news and local newspapers.


This top-level category consists of photography and digital imaging apps. Examples include apps that allow users to take, view, or edit photos or images.


This top-level category consists of apps that connect users with social networking sites and help users stay connected with and communicate with their important networks. Examples include apps for social networking sites, alumni networks, and SMS communications.


This top-level category covers all sports-related apps, including sports news. Examples include apps that provide sports scores, manage fantasy football leagues, or assist users with playing sports, such as a golf range finder.

tools + productivity

This top-level category consists of apps to help with or enhance personal productivity, and includes all tools and utilities apps. Examples include task organizers, mileage trackers, project managers, calculators, levels, and compasses.

travel + navigation

This top-level category consists of apps that help users when traveling.

city guides

Apps that provide users with regional travel information and city guides. Examples include apps that provide information on tourist destinations or points of interest in a city.


Apps that help travelers find lodging and make reservations.


Apps that help users with languages. Examples include apps such as language converters and dictionaries.


Apps for local attractions and travel.


Maps, navigation, and local search apps. Examples include online maps, GPS navigators, and Internet yellow pages.


Apps that help users with trip planning. Examples include apps to make travel reservations and view flight status.

travel tools

Miscellaneous travel tools. Examples include currency convertors, metric converters, and world clocks.

traveling with kids

Apps that help people who travel with kids.

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