Windows Dev Center

About the dashboard

The Dashboard is designed to keep you informed about your activity in Windows Phone Dev Center.

Some messages require action on your part. These messages will appear in red. Other messages (in black) will appear simply for your information. The Messages area serves two key functions:

  1. Notifies you about necessary Dev Center account maintenance. For instance, you may have forgotten to fill out your tax profile during Registration. Click the message to take action on the message. Click More to view the Account Summary page. From here you can view any additional messages about your account.

  2. Allows you to monitor the state of your app submissions. Click the message to take action on the message. This will take you to the app’s info, where you can view and manage your app in full detail. The Messages area can show up to four apps. If you have more than four apps in progress at a time, click More. This will take you to a list of all apps in progress.

In this area, you can follow a link to the Payout summary, where you can get details about the money you’ve earned through your apps and in-app products.

This area has three important monitoring tools. Dev Center will show you one view at a time. Click Next to scroll through each.

  1. App downloads is the default view. It shows a list of the top apps based on app downloads in the last 30 days. It also shows a chart including all of your apps during the same period.

  2. In-app products shows a list of top in-app products based on the purchases in the last 30 days, along with the apps where the purchase was made. The view also shows a chart including all of your in-app purchases during the same period.

  3. Crash counts shows the five apps that have crashed the most in the last 30 days.

To explore these metrics in more detail, click View details.

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