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Related documents view (HTML)

Related document view in Blend for Visual Studio displays documents that are related to the document currently displayed on the design surface. For example, when an HTML document is open and displayed on the design surface, the CSS document associated with it is displayed in the related document view. If you have more than one CSS file associated with an HTML document, the related document view will automatically update to display the most recent CSS file to which you added a style.

Related document view

You can choose to display any file associated with your project, including read-only files.

To display another document in the related document view

  • Click Blend related document dropdpown Choose the related document you wish to display and then select one of the project files from the menu.

    Important note Important

    Some of the files that you can display in the related document view are read only.

You can lock the related document view to any file in your project. This prevents Blend from automatically displaying another CSS file when you add a new style to it.

To lock the related document view to a single file

  • Click Blend related document view lock Lock related view to current document. The related document view is locked to the file it currently displays.

To unlock the related document view

  • Click REltaed document view unlock icon Unlock related view. The related document view is unlocked to display active files automatically.

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