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StringReference::StringReference Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the StringReference class.


   StringReference(const StringReference& __fstrArg)

StringReference(const ::default::char16* __strArg)

StringReference(const ::default::char16* __strArg, size_t __lenArg)


The StringReference whose data is used to initialize the new instance.


Pointer to an array of char16 values that is used to initialize the new instance.


The number of elements in __strArg.

The first version of this constructor is the default constructor. The second version initializes a new StringReference instance class from the object that's specified by the __fstrArg parameter. The third and fourth overloads initialize a new StringReference instance from an array of char16 values. char16 represents a 16-bit UNICODE text character.

Minimum supported client: Windows 8

Minimum supported server: Windows Server 2012

Namespace: Platform

Header: vccorlib.h

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