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Run a project (Windows Store apps)

You can verify whether your Blend for Visual Studio 2012 project is working correctly by running it using the Run Project command.

To run a project

  1. With a project open in Blend, click Run Project on the Project menu, or press F5, Ctrl+F5.

  2. On the Output tab of the Results panel, review the build output to see if the build succeeded.

    If the build did not succeed, the Errors tab of the Results panel will list the errors that occurred. You have to repair the errors before you can successfully run the project.

    If the build succeeded, your project will automatically open in an application, browser, or simulator window, depending on the Deploy target setting in the Device panel.


If the project is a control library, the Run Project option is disabled. You can test only application projects. To test a control library project, add it to an application.

For more information, see Add a new or existing project to a solution (Windows Store apps).

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