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Device panel (XAML)

The Device panel includes settings to help you simulate the various views for your app at run time.

The Device panel

Device panel

Display   Preview different display sizes and resolutions for the app.


Orientation   Preview different orientations for the app: Landscape or Portrait.


Edge   Preview different edge alignments for your app: Both, Left, Right, or None.


High Contrast   Preview the app based on the selected contrast setting. This setting, when set to a value other than Default, will override the RequestedTheme property set in App.xaml.


Override scaling   Preview the app based on an increased display scale. If the display scale is 100%, selecting Override scaling will simulate a display scale of 140%. If the display scale is 140%, the simulated scale is 180%.


Theme   Preview the app based on the selected theme.


Minimum width   Previews your app based on the minimum width setting. The minimum width can be changed in App.xaml.


Show chrome   Select or clear the Show chrome check box to turn the simulated tablet frame around your app in the Design view on or off.


Clip to display   Select or clear the Clip to display check box to either clip the entire document or show the document display.


Deploy target   Select the target device where your app will be deployed when it builds.

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