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Design surface (XAML)

The design surface (also called the artboard) is the work surface, where you can visually design a document in your application by drawing objects and then modifying them.

The design surface is framed by a virtual tablet device that accurately represents the display of the device parameters that you specify in the Device panel.


Design view   Displays the visual design of your document. In this view, you can draw or modify objects on the design surface.


Breadcrumb   Quickly move between template-editing mode, style-editing mode, and object-editing scope for a selected object.


Zoom   Use to zoom the design surface or objects on the design surface.


Design surface controls   Use these controls (Show snap grid, Snap to gridlines and Turn on or off snapping to snaplines) to set snapping options. Snapping is useful for lining objects up to each other or to evenly-spaced lines on the design surface.


Code editor   Edit your XAML, C#, C++ or Visual Basic code manually in the Code editor.

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