Platform::ArrayReference Class
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Platform::ArrayReference Class


ArrayReference is an optimization type that you can substitute for Platform::Array^ in input parameters when you want to fill a C-style array with the input data.

Public Constructors



ArrayReference::ArrayReference Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the ArrayReference class.

Public Operators



ArrayReference::operator() Operator

Converts this ArrayReference to a Platform::Array<T>^*.

ArrayReference::operator= Operator

Assigns the contents of another ArrayReference to this instance.

Exception Condition

By using ArrayReference to fill a C-style array, you avoid the extra copy operation that would be involved in copying first to a Platform::Array variable, and then into the C-style array. When you use ArrayReference, there is only one copy operation. For a code example, see Array and WriteOnlyArray (C++/CX).


Minimum supported client: Windows 8

Minimum supported server: Windows Server 2012

Namespace: Platform

Header: vccorlib.h

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