isPrimary property

Returns whether the pointer associated with the event is the primary pointer for the current mouse, touch, or pen interaction.

This property is read-only.


bPrimary = object.isPrimary


Property values

Type: boolean

Flag that indicates whether the pointer is the primary pointer.


A single pointer is identified as the primary pointer from all current mouse, touch, and pen user interactions on the system, including activity outside a Windows Store app using JavaScript. As such, the primary pointer might not be associated with your app or site.

The first contact in a multi-touch interaction is set as the primary pointer. Once a primary pointer is identified, all contacts must be lifted before a new contact can be identified as a primary pointer.

For apps or sites that don't process pointer input, only the primary pointer's events are promoted to mouse events. For more info about creating touch-enabled sites, see Guidelines for Building Touch-friendly Sites

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