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Managing your profile

You can add, update, and review the info in your developer account profile. While this topic focuses on how to manage this info in the Windows Store Dashboard, you can also update some of this info from the Windows Phone Store Dashboard.

To access your developer account profile info in the Windows Store Dashboard, click Profile in the left menu.


The Profile page displays your current account info and status. The info is divided into these categories.

Note  To change this info, click Account in the left menu. Not every field shown on the Profile page can be edited.

Display info

The display info section contains the info that will be used to manage your apps.

Publisher display name

The publisher display name is the name under which your apps are listed in the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store.

Note  You can change your publisher display name after you sign up and your account has been verified. If you decide to do this after you have published an app, you will also need to modify the publisher display name in your app's packages, upload the updated packages, and then submit the apps for certification again.

Publisher ID

The publisher ID is the string that uniquely identifies your developer account in your packages. The publisher ID is assigned by Microsoft, and you can't change it.

Developer info

This section contains contact information for this developer account. Communications about your account will only be sent to the email address included here.

Note  If you have a company account, changing this info may require us to verify your identity again.

Approver info

Note  This section applies to company accounts only. If you have an individual account, this section won't appear in your Profile page.

The info in this section describes who we contact at your company to verify the identity of the developer and the company. This person must have access to the identification documents that we need to verify the company's identity. This includes documentation such as a valid business license or business registration document; articles of incorporation, or a certificate of incorporation; or charter documentation, such as for banks, universities and government agencies. When we verify your identity, we will provide the complete list of info that we need.

Important  If we can't contact this person, or if they don't approve your account, your account could be closed.

Right column summary

The right column of the Profile page describes the status of your developer account.

Developer info

Displays your account type. If you have a company account, the status of your account verification is shown here.

Telemetry data collection

Displays your current app telemetry selection for Windows Store apps. You must collect telemetry data from your apps if you want to get data and statistics about their usage and quality.

Payout account

The payout account is the account into which we deposit the money your apps make in the Windows Store. (Money from apps listed in the Windows Phone Store is handled separately; you can set up a payout account for those in your Windows Phone Store Dashboard. )

Note  You must define a payout account in order to list apps that aren't free, or that use the Windows Store's commerce system for in-app purchases. (Note also that in certain markets, only free apps can be listed. In those markets, you won't have the option to set up a payout account.)

Tax profile

Displays the current status of your tax profile.

Note  You must have a valid tax profile to list apps for sale in the Windows Store. You must also complete all required tax forms the countries/regions into which you want to sell your apps. (If you also list apps for sale in the Windows Phone Store, you'll need to set up a tax profile in your Windows Phone Dashboard.)

Developer account info

Displays the current status of your developer account.


The account page is where you can edit the account info that is displayed on the Profile page.



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