Viewing app usage

The chart and info displayed on the Usage page show how your customers are using your app.

Note  In order to view app usage data, you must enable telemetry data collection for your account. If you have not been not collecting telemetry data and then enable it, it might take several days before you start to see telemetry data.

To view the Usage page:

  1. Go to your Windows Store Dashboard and find the app.

    Note  You can view your app's usage only if the app is listed in the Store and appears below the Apps in the Store title.
  2. Click Details in the app's tile to see the App summary page.
  3. In the left menu, click Usage.
  4. Review the filters at the top of the page and set the criteria that you want to review. If you have published separate packages targeting both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, we show your usage data for Windows 8.1 by default. You can change this filter to see your usage data for Windows 8. You can also change the filters to show usage data during different time frames or on different form factors.
    Note  These filters aren't available for every category or subcategory.

Average app usage per day

The Average app usage per day chart shows, on average, how many minutes per day customers spend using your app.


All dates and times used in the analytics reports, charts, and downloaded data are shown in UTC.



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