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Viewing in-app purchases

The charts and info shown on the In-app purchases page show information about the in-app products which customers have purchased from within your app.

To view the In-app purchases page:

  1. Go to your Windows Store Dashboard and find the app.

    Note  You can view your app's in-app purchases only if the app is listed in the Store and appears below the Apps in the Store title.
  2. Click Details in the app's tile to see the App summary page.
  3. In the left menu, click In-app purchases.
  4. Review the filters at the top of the page and set the time frame and demographic criteria that you want to review.

In-app purchases

The In-app purchases chart shows the in-app products purchased from within your app over time. If your app includes many in-app offers, only the top 5 will be shown as separate lines in the graph. The rest will be collected into a single line labeled Others.

In-app purchases by age group

The In-app purchases by age group chart shows the age and gender of people who have bought your app's in-app products. This demographic data comes from the info that customers have entered with their Microsoft accounts.

In-app purchases by market

The In-app purchases by market chart shows where in-app purchases have been made for your app. This info is interpreted from the user’s locale settings.

Downloading in-app purchase data

You can download CSV files of your in-app purchase data by clicking Export on the In-app purchases page. You can specify a custom date range for any duration during the last 31 days.

Note   Downloaded data is aggregated at a daily level.


All dates and times used in the analytics reports, charts, and downloaded data are shown in UTC.



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