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Exploring Store trends

Exploring trends throughout the Windows Store as a whole can be a valuable tool to help you get ideas for enhancing your app. You can see which types of apps have been popular in different markets and use this info to plan new features or markets when updating an app, or to think about what type of app to build next.

Exploring store trends

Clicking Explore store trends in the left menu of your Windows Store Dashboard lets you see how many apps customers from different geographic and demographic groups are downloading. You can analyze those downloads by the app's category, subcategory, and customer demographic to see which types of apps are most popular.

The analysis process is an iterative one. Start by selecting the App type, Category, and Subcategory of the apps that interest you. The App downloads graph shows the overall download trend for this group. Below, a table shows the most active market segments for those apps.

By default, the data shown is from the last month for all market segments. To select another time period, click the links above the app type selection fields.

You can further refine your view by changing the following options:

  • Filter by market segment

    The Most active market segments table lists some of the demographic groups that had the most interesting activity patterns in the Windows Store. You can filter the Downloads graph to view only downloads made by one of these groups by clicking Apply filters in that group's entry in the table. This updates the selections in the Filters and updates the Downloads chart to show the downloads of the selected group.

    Note  The charts on this page display the actual data, but the analysis that produces this table is based on statistical approximations. When you apply the filters from this table to the charts on this page, the actual data displayed might vary from the assumptions that produced this table.

  • Manually select filters

    You can apply your own custom filters by selecting the areas that interest you in the Filters. After selecting the groups that interest you, click Apply to update the App downloads graph.

  • Reset filters

    To clear the filters and show all the data for the specified time frame, click Reset below the Filters.


All dates and times used in the analytics reports, charts, and downloaded data are shown in UTC.

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