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Create an app package at the command prompt

applies to both windows and phone

You can create an app package by running MSBuild at a Visual Studio command prompt or by using Team Foundation Build.

To create an app package, open a Visual Studio command prompt, and then build the app project by using MSBuild. If you don’t specify any additional flags or targets, the MSBuild tool creates the app package in the same location as the other build output of the project. By default, that output appears in a project-specific sub-folder. For example, you could build an app by opening a Visual Studio command prompt and then, at the command line, specify the following:

MSBuild MyProject.csproj /p:OutDir=C:\builds\droplocation\

The app package and other build output would then be created in the following location:


You can override the project-specific folder behavior by specifying the following.

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