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Building an app package at a command prompt (Windows Store apps)

You must build an app package before you can install a Windows Store app on one or more local computers or upload it to the Windows Store. You can build an app package either by opening a Visual Studio command prompt and then running MSBuild or by using Team Foundation Build. For more information about how to use Team Foundation Build, see Build and Test a Windows Store App Using Team Foundation Build.

If you build a Windows Store app at a command prompt and specify no additional flags or targets, the app package is created in the same location as the other build output. By default, that output appears in a project-specific folder under OutDir. For example, you could build an app by opening a Visual Studio command prompt and then specifying the following command line:

MSBuild MyProject.csproj /p:OutDir=C:\builds\droplocation\

The app package and other build output would then be created in the following location:


You can override the project-specific folder behavior by specifying [/p:GenerateProjectSpecificOutputFolder=false].

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