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Getting started


The Live Connect APIs are deprecated.

Live Connect provides a set of APIs that enable your apps to work with info in, Skype, Microsoft OneDrive, and other services that are compatible with Live Connect. Here's what you can do with these APIs, how to get the settings that your apps need to call the APIs, and how to begin writing code to call the APIs. To get started, download the Live SDK.

Identity API

Note  This API is deprecated.

  • Profiles. Get a user's profile info. A profile includes info that a user provides about himself or herself, such as first name, last name, gender, and birth date.
  • Personalization. Enable a user to sign in to a website, personalize the signed-in user's experience on that website, and easily register a user on that website.

To learn more, see Identity API.

Microsoft API


The Live Connect APIs are deprecated. We recommend that you use the Outlook REST APIs to build your solutions. This will extend your reach to users and Office 365 enterprise customers. Although the Live Connect APIs will be supported in for the short term, existing Live Connect API solutions might stop working without advanced notice. If your app is using IMAP with OAuth 2.0, it will continue to work, but our REST APIs are the primary APIs for building apps that connect to and Office 365. Read the article on how you can take advantage of the Outlook REST APIs.

  • Contacts. Read and create contacts. You can also enable a website to determine which of a user's contacts is also a user of that website.
  • Calendars. Work with calendars and events.

To learn more, see API.

OneDrive API

  • Folders, files, and more. Work with folders, files, albums, photos, videos, audio, tags, and comments.

To learn more, see OneDrive API.

Learn more

To get going, start here:

  • What's new

    What's new in the latest releases.

  • Configuring your app

    How to get the settings your apps need to begin calling the Live Connect APIs.

  • Windows Store apps

    How Windows Store apps can call the Live Connect APIs.

  • Windows Phone apps

    How Windows Phone apps can call the Live Connect APIs.

  • iOS apps

    How apps for the iOS operating system for Apple devices can call the Live Connect APIs.

  • Android apps

    How apps for the Google Android mobile technology platform can call the Live Connect APIs.

  • Web apps

    How client-side and server-side websites and scripts can call the Live Connect APIs.

  • Working with the code examples

    How to work with the smaller code examples throughout this documentation in the context of larger reference code samples.

  • Mobile and Windows desktop apps

    How mobile apps and Windows desktop apps can call the Live Connect APIs.

  • Community resources

    Links to helpful tools, code samples, blogs, and more.




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