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Internet Explorer

This section provides developer info specific to Internet Explorer.

Information for Microsoft Edge can be found at

API reference and support information for both IE and Microsoft Edge can be found at MDN web docs.

In this section

Compatibility This section contains resources on site and application compatibility with IE.
Internet Explorer Command-Line Options Internet Explorer includes several command-line options that enable you to troubleshoot and configure the browser. This topic describes the options that Internet Explorer supports.
Internet Feature Control Keys A reference to Internet feature controls (also called feature control keys), which are Registry keys that manage individual features Internet Explorer and applications hosting the WebBrowser Control control.
Developer Guides (by IE version) Internet Explorer Developer Guides provide an overview of the developer features and standards included in each version of Internet Explorer, including those for JavaScript.
How-tos and Samples (by IE version) How-tos and Samples provide archived tutorials and samples produced for previous Internet Explorer versions.
Archived Content This section contains topics that have been archived and are no longer actively maintained.
Platform APIs This section includes proprietary APIs and features for Internet Explorer, such as Pinned sites, F12 developer tools, and MSHTML. This section also includes legacy APIs for older versions of Internet Explorer.


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