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The badge image catalog (Windows Store apps)

A badge can display either a number from 1-99 or a status glyph. This topic lists the badge images available for use on a tile, together with their XML equivalent in the badge template.

Note  The badge catalog is not extendable. Only the Windows-provided images listed in this topic can be used on a tile.

Numeric badges

ValueBadge exampleXML
A number from 1 to 99A badge displaying the number 1<badge value="1"/>
Any number 99 or greater. Note that "99" is the largest number that can be displayed, even if the actual badge value is greater.A badge displaying 99+<badge value="100"/>


Glyph badges

noneNo badge shown<badge value="none"/>
activityThe activity badge; two circling arrows<badge value="activity"/>
alertThe alert badge<badge value="alert"/>
availableThe available badge; a green dot<badge value="available"/>
awayThe away badge; a yellow dot<badge value="away"/>
busyThe busy badge; a red dot<badge value="busy"/>
newMessageThe new mail badge; an envelope<badge value="newMessage"/>
pausedThe paused badge<badge value="paused"/>
playingThe playing badge<badge value="playing"/>
unavailableThe unavailable badge; a gray dot<badge value="unavailable"/>
errorThe error badge; an X<badge value="error"/>
attentionThe attention badge; an exclamation point<badge value="attention"/>


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