Devices concepts and architecture

Applies to Windows and Windows Phone

Learn about device-related concepts for Windows Runtime apps.

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Accessing sensors and devices from a background task

DeviceUseTrigger lets your app access sensors and peripheral devices in the background, even when your foreground app is suspended.

Device protocol APIs

In Windows 8.1, all developers can use the device protocol APIs to write Windows Store apps that communicate with USB, Human Interface Devices (HID), Bluetooth GATT, and Bluetooth RFCOMM peripheral devices. This section covers topics that are common to all device protocol APIs.

Windows Store device app

This topic introduces Windows Store apps. Windows 8 lets device manufacturers create a Windows Store app that works with device metadata to serve as a companion to their device. These apps are referred to as Windows Store device apps. With device metadata, Windows Store device apps can automatically install the first time a device is plugged in and have more capabilities than regular Windows Store apps.

Motion and device orientation

This section provides info about developing an app that uses input from motion sensors. These sensors can include accelerometers, inclinometers, compasses and gyrometers.




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