Windows Store app marketing guidelines

Learn how to promote your apps and content in the Windows Store. These guidelines cover how to use the assets that are available to you, along with recommendations for promoting your apps in print, TV, social media and digital advertising.

Store badges

We’ve created special promotional badges to help you drive more customers to your app's listing within the Windows Store. These badges are available in 44 languages. Keep in mind that there are certain requirements you need to follow when using these images; these requirements, along with usage examples and guidelines, are available in a PDF file.

Download button  Windows Store Marketing Guidelines (PDF, English)


Badge generator and images

You can use our badge generator to generate HTML that displays the Store badge (in the language of your choice) and links directly to your app's Store listing. You can also download the complete set of badge images (in PNG and PDF format) from the link below.

Download button  All badge images


Device images

To promote your app, you may want to show how it looks when running on a Windows device. We’ve got a variety of device chassis images for you to select from, including phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. Best practices and technical specifications for how to use these images can be found in the Windows Store Marketing Guidelines.

Download button  Windows device art


License to Microsoft Marks

Microsoft Marks means the Microsoft badge and the Windows Store tile described on the badge generator page. To use these badges, you must:

Microsoft is the sole owner of the Microsoft Marks and associated goodwill, and the sole beneficiary of the goodwill associated with your use of the Microsoft Marks.



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