Certify your app

When you submit a Windows Store app for certification, the app goes through several steps.

  • Upload: Your app begins the certification process when you upload it to the Store. During the upload process, we check your app's packages for technical compliance with our app package requirements. If your app passes these tests, you'll see a successful upload message on the Packages page. If it fails, you'll see an error message. See Resolving package upload errors for help fixing upload problems.
  • Preprocessing: After you successfully upload the app's packages and submit the app for certification, the packages are queued for automated testing.
  • Security tests: This first test checks your app's packages for viruses and malware. If your app fails this test, you'll need to check your development system by running the latest antivirus software, then rebuild your app's package on a clean system.
  • Technical compliance tests: Technical compliance is tested by the Windows App Certification Kit. (You should make sure to test your app with the Windows App Certification Kit before you submit it to the Store.)
  • Content compliance: The amount of time this takes varies depending on how complex your app is, how much visual content it has, and how many apps have been submitted recently. Be sure to provide any info that testers should be aware of in the Notes to testers page.
  • Certification report: After the certification process is complete, you'll get a certification report telling you whether or not your app passes certification. If it didn't pass, the report will indicate which test failed or which policy was not met. See Resolving certification errors for help fixing problems so you can submit the app for certification again. If the failure was due to your app crashing or becoming unresponsive during testing, you’ll receive crash report data to help you identify and resolve the problem.
  • Release: When your app passes certification, it will move right to the to the signing and publishing process, unless you have specified that it should not be released until a certain date
  • Signing and publishing: Your app's packages are digitally signed to protect them against tampering after they have been released. Once this phase has begun, you can no longer cancel your submission or change the release date.

After successfully going through the steps above, your app will be available in the Windows Store for customers to download, and you'll be able to link to your app's listing page. Note that it will take a bit more time before your app's listing will start to appear in search results.

Note  We also conduct spot checks of apps after they've been published so we can identity potential problems. If we find any, you'll be notified about the issue and how to fix it.



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