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Selecting your app's release date

The release date determines when your app will become available to customers.

You can select one of two options for when your app will be released:

  • As soon as the app passes certification

    Your app will be released as soon as possible after it passes certification.

  • No earlier than a specific date

    Your app will be released as soon as possible on or after the date you specify. The date must be at least 24 hours in the future from when you submit the app. You can also select the time at which the app should begin to be published.

    Note  Delays during certification or publishing could cause the actual release date to be later than the date you request. The Windows Store cannot guarantee that your app will be available on a specific date.
Note  You can change the release date after submitting your app, as long as it hasn’t entered the Signing and publishing step.



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