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App submission checklist

Use this checklist to help you prepare and organize all the required info so that everything's in place before you submit your app.

Note  Your customers will see most of the info in this list, so give it a lot of thought. Consider having someone else review key entries, such as your app's description, to make sure your app is represented well.

Checklist for submitting an app

Here's the key info that you'll need for submitting your app to the Windows Store. We recommend that you make sure you have all of this ready to go before you start the submission process.

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App name

256 characters or less

What to name your app

Entering your app's name

Selling details

Price tier

Monetization and business models

Adding trials and in-app purchases

Free trial period


Choosing your markets

Release date

Selecting your app's release date



Choosing a category and subcategory

Accessible app

Declaring your app as accessible

Minimum DirectX feature level

Developing for different Direct3D feature levels (DirectX and C++)

Minimum System RAM



In-app offers

Plan for monetization

Your app's description

Adding trials and in-app purchases


Age rating

Age ratings and rating boards

Rating certificates


Does this app call, support, contain, or use cryptography or encryption?

Understanding export restrictions on cryptography

Is the use of cryptography limited to an allowed function?


Package upload control

The path to your app's finished packages

App package requirements


You'll need all the required info for each language that your app supports.


10,000 characters or less

Your app's description

Choosing your app images

How your app appears in the Windows Store

Making your app easier to promote

App features


Up to 20, each one 200 characters or less



Up to 7, each one 45 characters or less


1,500 characters or less describing updates or additional info

(leave blank for your app's first release)

Copyright and trademark info

200 characters or less

Additional license terms


10,000 characters or less


At least one and up to 9, each with a description of 200 characters or less

Minimum image size: 1366x766

Promotional images


Up to 4 images in these sizes.

414x180, 414x468, 558x756, 846x468

Recommended hardware


Up to 11 short comments about the hardware your app requires, each one 200 characters or less.

App website


A URL that is 2,048 characters or less

Support contact

A URL that is 2,048 characters or less

Privacy policy

(required for some apps; see the Windows and Windows Phone Store Policies)

A URL that is 2,048 characters or less

In-app offer description

Your app's description

Notes to testers


500 characters or less

Providing info to certification testers



If your app needs to connect to a service in order to function, make sure that the service will be online and available when we test your app. If your app can't connect to a service it needs during testing, it will fail certification.



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