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int_3 Class


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Represents a short vector of three integers.

class int_3;  

Public Typedefs


Public Constructors

int_3::int_3 ConstructorOverloaded. Default constructor, initializes all elements with 0.

Public Methods

int_3::get_x Method
int_3::get_xy Method
int_3::get_xyz Method
int_3::get_xz Method
int_3::get_xzy Method
int_3::get_y Method
int_3::get_yx Method
int_3::get_yxz Method
int_3::get_yz Method
int_3::get_yzx Method
int_3::get_z Method
int_3::get_zx Method
int_3::get_zxy Method
int_3::get_zy Method
int_3::get_zyx Method
int_3::ref_b Method
int_3::ref_g Method
int_3::ref_r Method
int_3::ref_x Method
int_3::ref_y Method
int_3::ref_z Method
int_3::set_x Method
int_3::set_xy Method
int_3::set_xyz Method
int_3::set_xz Method
int_3::set_xzy Method
int_3::set_y Method
int_3::set_yx Method
int_3::set_yxz Method
int_3::set_yz Method
int_3::set_yzx Method
int_3::set_z Method
int_3::set_zx Method
int_3::set_zxy Method
int_3::set_zy Method
int_3::set_zyx Method

Public Operators

int_3::operator- Operator
int_3::operator-- Operator
int_3::operator%= Operator
int_3::operator&= Operator
int_3::operator*= Operator
int_3::operator/= Operator
int_3::operator^= Operator
int_3::operator|= Operator
int_3::operator~ Operator
int_3::operator++ Operator
int_3::operator+= Operator
int_3::operator<<= Operator
int_3::operator= Operator
int_3::operator-= Operator
int_3::operator>>= Operator

Public Constants

int_3::size Constant

Public Data Members

int_3::b Data Member
int_3::bg Data Member
int_3::bgr Data Member
int_3::br Data Member
int_3::brg Data Member
int_3::g Data Member
int_3::gb Data Member
int_3::gbr Data Member
int_3::gr Data Member
int_3::grb Data Member
int_3::r Data Member
int_3::rb Data Member
int_3::rbg Data Member
int_3::rg Data Member
int_3::rgb Data Member
int_3::x Data Member
int_3::xy Data Member
int_3::xyz Data Member
int_3::xz Data Member
int_3::xzy Data Member
int_3::y Data Member
int_3::yx Data Member
int_3::yxz Data Member
int_3::yz Data Member
int_3::yzx Data Member
int_3::z Data Member
int_3::zx Data Member
int_3::zxy Data Member
int_3::zy Data Member
int_3::zyx Data Member


Header: amp_short_vectors.h

Namespace: Concurrency::graphics

Concurrency::graphics Namespace

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