How to include online content in your help
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How to include online content in your help (HTML)

You can also use online help by conditionally showing an iframe if the user is online. In this example, a toggleHelp function is designed to conditionally show or hide two divs, based on whether a user's computer is online or offline. The function could be loaded into the help page either on Body load or button click (user taps Help).


Step 1: Add a function to toggle help depending on whether the user is online.

function toggleHelp() {
    var onlineDiv = document.getElementById("onlineHelp");
    var offlineDiv = document.getElementById("offlineHelp");
    var condition = ((navigator.onLine) ? 'online':'offline');
    if (condition=='online') { = "inline"; = "none";
    else if (condition=='offline') { = "none";
        offlineDiv.Style.display = "inline";

Step 2: Add the online and offline divs and an iframe to show online content in your help page.

<div id="onlineHelp">
    <iframe src="ms-appx://LinkToOnlineHelpPage" frameborder="0" sandbox=""/> 

<div id="offlineHelp"> 
    It looks like you’re not connected to the Internet. 
    You need to connect in order to get help.

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