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Security namespaces

The following namespaces are available for use in a Windows Store app:


Contains the CryptographicBuffer class and static methods that enable you to:

  • Convert data to and from strings
  • Convert data to and from byte arrays
  • Encode messages for network transport
  • Decode messages after transport


Contains classes, interfaces, and enumeration types that enable you to:

  • Create a certificate request
  • Install a certificate response
  • Import a certificate in a PFX file
  • Specify and retrieve certificate request properties


Contains classes and enumeration types that enable you to:

  • Encrypt and decrypt data
  • Hash data
  • Sign data and verify signatures
  • Create, import, and export keys
  • Work with asymmetric key algorithm providers
  • Work with symmetric key algorithm providers
  • Work with hash algorithm providers
  • Work with machine authentication code (MAC) algorithm providers
  • Work with key derivation algorithm providers


Contains classes that enable you to:

  • Asynchronously encrypt and decrypt static data
  • Asynchronously encrypt and decrypt data streams

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