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Create a Windows Store app for banking: full code sample (Windows Store apps using JavaScript and HTML)

The Windows Store app for banking is modeled on existing web apps for banking that provide certificate-based authentication. You store username and password credentials securely in your Windows Store app by using the PasswordVault. Your Windows Store app can submit a certificate request to a certification authority running Microsoft certificate services, and you can use CertificateEnrollmentManager to install the issued certificate.

This topic contains these sections:

Download location


Programming languagesJavaScript, HTML
Programming modelsWindows Runtime


Minimum supported clientWindows 8
Minimum supported serverWindows Server 2012
Minimum required SDKWindows 8

Building the sample

Building the sample using the command prompt

  1. Open the Command Prompt window and navigate to the sample directory.
  2. Type msbuild TailoredBankingApplication.sln.

Building the sample using Visual Studio (preferred method)

  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the sample directory.
  2. To open the file in Visual Studio, double-click the icon for the solution file, TailoredBankingApplication.sln.
  3. Press F7. The app is built in the default \Debug or \Release directory.

Running the sample

  1. After building the sample, navigate to the \Debug or \Release directory (depending on the type of build you performed).
  2. Double-click the icon for the executable file, TailoredBankingApplication.sln.



Build date: 6/11/2013

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