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Prepare your Windows game for publishing

This section provides Windows 8 game developers with info about the tools and support for common game publishing scenarios, such as ratings certification and packaging.

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Obtain a game rating certificate

To publish your game in the Windows Store, you may want to first provide a rating that describes the content of the game to buyers. Here we walk you through the options for obtaining a proper game ratings for your game.

Create a GDF file

Age ratings are required for some apps, typically games, in certain markets. If you want to submit ratings to the Windows Store for your app, you must provide the ratings information in an XML-formatted data file called a Game Definition File (GDF). Here, we walk you through creating and uploading the ratings XML data.

Package your Windows Store DirectX game

Larger Windows Store games, especially those that support multiple languages with region-specific assets or feature optional high-definition assets, can easily balloon to large sizes. In this topic, learn how to use app packages and app bundles to customize your app so that your customers only receive the resources they actually need.




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