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-ms-content-zoom-boundary property

Do not use. This property has been replaced by the -ms-content-zoom-limit property, and is no longer recognized by a Windows Store app using JavaScript. To ensure compatibility in the future, applications using this property should be updated accordingly. Gets or sets a shorthand value that sets values for the -ms-content-zoom-boundary-min and the -ms-content-zoom-boundary-max properties.

This property is read/write.


-ms-content-zoom-boundary: -ms-content-zoom-boundary-min -ms-content-zoom-boundary-max

Property values

The content zoom boundary properties, separated by spaces.


Value of the -ms-content-zoom-boundary-min property.


Value of the -ms-content-zoom-boundary-max property.

CSS information

Applies Tonon-replaced block-level elements and non-replaced inline-block elements
Initial Valuenone

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