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transform method

Modifies the transformation matrix of the current context.

HTML Canvas 2D Context, Section 3Internet Explorer 9



CanvasRenderingContext2D.transform(m11, m12, m21, m22, dx, dy);


m11 [in]

Type: number

The m1,1 value in the matrix.

m12 [in]

Type: number

The m1,2 value in the matrix.

m21 [in]

Type: number

The m2,1 value in the matrix.

m22 [in]

Type: number

The m2,2 value in the matrix.

dx [in]

Type: number

The delta x (dx) value in the matrix.

dy [in]

Type: number

The delta y (dy) value in the matrix.

Return value

This method does not return a value.

Standards information


The parameters of transform represent a matrix of the following format.

Illustration of the transform matrix

This matrix is multiplied with the transformation matrix of the current context.

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