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This section describes the Windows Property System interfaces.

IPropertyChange Exposes a method that encapsulates a change to a single property.
IPropertyChangeArray Exposes methods for several multiple change operations that may be passed to IFileOperation.
IPropertyDescription Exposes methods that enumerate and retrieve individual property description details.
IPropertyDescription2 Exposes methods that enumerate and retrieve individual property description details.
IPropertyDescriptionAliasInfo Exposes methods to get the "sort by" columns properties for an item. This interface is used by UI objects that want to retrieve the primary or secondary sort columns for a given property.
IPropertyDescriptionList Exposes methods that extract information from a collection of property descriptions presented as a list.
IPropertyDescriptionRelatedPropertyInfo Provides a method that retrives an IPropertyDescription interface.
IPropertyDescriptionSearchInfo Exposes search-related information for a property. The information provided by this interface comes from the propertyDescription schema, searchInfo element for a given property. This information is used by the Windows Search Indexer. Most calling applications will not need to call this interface.
IPropertyEnumType Exposes methods that extract data from enumeration information. IPropertyEnumType gives access to the enum and enumRange elements in the property schema in a programmatic way at run time.
IPropertyEnumType2 Exposes methods that extract data from enumeration information. IPropertyEnumType2 extends IPropertyEnumType.
IPropertyEnumTypeList Exposes methods that enumerate the possible values for a property.
IPropertyStore Exposes methods for enumerating, getting, and setting property values.
IPropertyStoreCache Exposes methods that allow a handler to manage various states for each property.
IPropertyStoreCapabilities Exposes a method that determines whether a property can be edited in the UI by the user.
IPropertyStoreFactory Exposes methods to get an IPropertyStore object.
IPropertySystem Exposes methods that get property descriptions, register and unregister property schemas, enumerate property descriptions, and format property values in a type-strict way.
IPropertyUI Developers should use IPropertyDescription instead.


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