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Timeout Detection and Recovery of GPUs (TDR)

One of the most common stability problems in graphics occurs when a computer appears completely "frozen" while, in reality, it is processing an end-user command or operation. The end-user typically waits a few seconds and then reboots the computer. The frozen appearance of the computer typically occurs because the graphics processing unit (GPU) is busy processing intensive graphical operations, typically during game play. The GPU does not update the display screen, and the computer appears frozen.

Windows Vista and later operating systems use the timeout detection and recovery (TDR) process to detect and recover from these seemingly frozen situations. The following sections describe the TDR process and registry keys that enable TDR debugging.

Timeout Detection and Recovery

Limiting Repetitive GPU Hangs and Recoveries

TDR Error Messaging

TDR Registry Keys

TDR changes in Windows 8



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