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ID3D11DeviceContext::OMGetRenderTargetsAndUnorderedAccessViews method

Get pointers to the resources bound to the output-merger stage.


void OMGetRenderTargetsAndUnorderedAccessViews(
  [in]            UINT                      NumRTVs,
  [out, optional] ID3D11RenderTargetView    **ppRenderTargetViews,
  [out, optional] ID3D11DepthStencilView    **ppDepthStencilView,
  [in]            UINT                      UAVStartSlot,
  [in]            UINT                      NumUAVs,
  [out, optional] ID3D11UnorderedAccessView **ppUnorderedAccessViews


NumRTVs [in]

Type: UINT

The number of render-target views to retrieve.

ppRenderTargetViews [out, optional]

Type: ID3D11RenderTargetView**

Pointer to an array of ID3D11RenderTargetViews, which represent render-target views. Specify NULL for this parameter when retrieval of render-target views is not required.

ppDepthStencilView [out, optional]

Type: ID3D11DepthStencilView**

Pointer to a ID3D11DepthStencilView, which represents a depth-stencil view. Specify NULL for this parameter when retrieval of the depth-stencil view is not required.

UAVStartSlot [in]

Type: UINT

Index into a zero-based array to begin retrieving unordered-access views (ranges from 0 to D3D11_PS_CS_UAV_REGISTER_COUNT - 1). For pixel shaders UAVStartSlot should be equal to the number of render-target views that are bound.

NumUAVs [in]

Type: UINT

Number of unordered-access views to return in ppUnorderedAccessViews. This number ranges from 0 to D3D11_PS_CS_UAV_REGISTER_COUNT - UAVStartSlot.

ppUnorderedAccessViews [out, optional]

Type: ID3D11UnorderedAccessView**

Pointer to an array of ID3D11UnorderedAccessViews, which represent unordered-access views that are retrieved. Specify NULL for this parameter when retrieval of unordered-access views is not required.

Return value

Returns nothing.


Any returned interfaces will have their reference count incremented by one. Applications should call IUnknown::Release on the returned interfaces when they are no longer needed to avoid memory leaks.

Windows Phone 8: This API is supported.






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