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DXGI Enumerations

This section contains info about the enumerations provided by DXGI.

DXGI_ADAPTER_FLAG Identifies the type of DXGI adapter.
DXGI_ALPHA_MODE Identifies the alpha value, transparency behavior, of a surface.
DXGI_COMPUTE_PREEMPTION_GRANULARITY Identifies the granularity at which the GPU can be preempted from performing its current compute task.
DXGI_DEBUG_RLO_FLAGS Flags that specify the amount of info to report about an object's lifetime.
DXGI_FORMAT The memory layouts for each pixel in an image.
DXGI_FRAME_PRESENTATION_MODE Indicates options for presenting frames to the swap chain.
DXGI_GRAPHICS_PREEMPTION_GRANULARITY Identifies the granularity at which the GPU can be preempted from performing its current graphics rendering task.
DXGI_INFO_QUEUE_MESSAGE_CATEGORY Values that specify categories of debug messages.
DXGI_INFO_QUEUE_MESSAGE_SEVERITY Values that specify debug message severity levels for an information queue.
DXGI_MODE_ROTATION Rotation options.
DXGI_MODE_SCALING Scaling options.
DXGI_MODE_SCANLINE_ORDER Flags indicating the method that the raster uses to create an image on a surface.
DXGI_MULTIPLANE_OVERLAY_YCbCr_FLAGS Options for swap-chain color space.
DXGI_OFFER_RESOURCE_PRIORITY Identifies the importance of a resource’s content when you call the IDXGIDevice2::OfferResources method to offer the resource.
DXGI_OUTDUPL_POINTER_SHAPE_TYPE Identifies the type of pointer shape.
DXGI_RESIDENCY Memory location options.
DXGI_SCALING Identifies resize behavior when the back-buffer size does not match the size of the target output.
DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_FLAG Options for swap-chain behavior.
DXGI_SWAP_EFFECT Flags indicating how a swap is performed.


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