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LegacyIAccessible Control Pattern

Describes guidelines and conventions for using ILegacyIAccessibleProvider, including information about properties, methods, and events. The LegacyIAccessible control pattern is supported by the Microsoft Active Accessibility to Microsoft UI Automation Proxy.

Application and control providers never implement the ILegacyIAccessibleProvider interface.

The LegacyIAccessible control pattern exposes the IUIAutomationLegacyIAccessiblePattern interface to UI Automation clients, enabling them to access the underlying IAccessible implementation for certain UI elements. However, IUIAutomationLegacyIAccessiblePattern does not support methods that are obsolete or that are redundant with the UI Automation features.

This topic contains the following sections:

Implementation Guidelines and Conventions

No application or control implements ILegacyIAccessibleProvider. The UI Automation framework automatically supplies the provider implementation for a native Microsoft Active Accessibility server.

The LegacyIAccessible control pattern is not available for controls based on UI Automation.

Members of the LegacyIAccessible Control Pattern

The following properties, methods, and events are members of the LegacyIAccessible control pattern. The notes are for UI Automation clients.

MembersMember typeNotes
ChildId PropertyReturns CHILDID_SELF (0) for a non-child object.
DefaultAction PropertyNone
Description PropertyNone
Help PropertyNone
KeyboardShortcut PropertyNone
Name PropertyNone
Role PropertyUse the GetRoleText function to retrieve localized string.
GetSelection MethodRetrieves an IUIAutomationElementArray interface pointer.
State PropertyUse the GetStateText function to retrieve localized string.
Value PropertyNone
DoDefaultAction MethodNone
GetIAccessible MethodNone
Select MethodThe selection flag is a Microsoft Active AccessibilitySELFLAG value. For more information, see SELFLAG Constants.
SetValue MethodNone


This control pattern has no associated events.

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